The Tale of Two Generations of Greenwald Generosity

The Tale of Two Generations of Greenwald Generosity
After graduating from high school in 1917, Harold Greenwald was drafted into the army and stationed in Washington, DC. When World War I ended, he attended Los Angeles Pacific College (LAPC). He was class president and yearbook manager, and there he met his wife to be, Gertrude Smiley. In 1923, their only son Robert was born. The Greenwalds were orange growers, cultivating 30 acres of orange trees near what is now Angel Stadium. During the depression, he paid his workers .50 cents a day—about the amount he was earning.

For 20 years they attended Santa Ana’s Latin Free Methodist Church, where every sermon was in Spanish—they knew about 20 words—yet they had a lasting impact on the young people. Harold taught the high school class and Gertrude started the Peralta brothers quartet.

The Greenwalds were generous; giving to many missions, the church, and his alma mater, LAPC. They supported their college because they believed in the training that students received in preparation for ministry and service. When LAPC and APU merged in 1965, the Greenwalds continued to make significant contributions to APU by establishing an endowed scholarship fund. Income from this fund was designated for scholarships to benefit financially needy students of Latin American decent who intended to prepare for Christian service. More than 60 students have benefited from these scholarship awards, and many are serving as pastors and in Christian education positions today.

Gertrude passed away in 1982, but Harold who almost lived in three centuries as he was born in 1896, went home to be with the Lord in 1998.

Bob and his wife, Madilyn, were involved with students on the Oregon State University campus, challenging them to be committed to the Body of Christ that Jesus established. Many converts became pastors and lifelong friends who persuaded others to consider becoming disciples of our Lord.

When a property sold some years ago, Bob and Madilyn invested in a charitable gift annuity, which not only provides a good return, much of it tax-free, but also provides them with income for life—a great retirement supplement. In addition, after they no longer need it, the remainder can be added to the Greenwald Family Endowed Scholarship Fund. So, a family tradition of generosity and supporting APU has continued.

Bob and Madilyn now live in Kihei, Hawaii, where they continue ministering at Hope Chapel, Kihei. Bob enjoys writing thought-provoking spiritual papers, poems, and puns.