The Best Return On Your Investment

The Best Return On Your Investment

Jerry and Gloria Newell say they give to APU because they see a great return on their investment. “We put our money where we see God working.”

Jerry and Gloria met at Azusa Pacific in 1965 and later married in 1967. Jerry was raised in a small town in Indiana and followed his brother, who came from LAPC, to Azusa Pacific College. Jerry received a scholarship in track and played on the first winning APU football team.

It was a knock on the door at Gloria’s home in Orange, California, from Don Grant and Carolyn Koons that made the difference in Gloria’s life when she was a teen-ager. Don Grant was the Dean of the Fine Arts Department of Azusa College, and Carolyn Koons, was working with Don Grant as a Student Relations Advisor for the Dynamic Chorale. They extended an invitation to Gloria to attend Azusa Pacific and as Gloria said, “That’s what did it.” Gloria was reared by loving parents, who did not attend church. However, when they moved to Orange, CA she was invited by a friend to attend church. Gloria accepted Christ at age 13 and has never looked back.

Both graduated from Azusa Pacific College and pursued education as their career. Gloria taught full time for seven years in the Azusa Unified School District, and Jerry taught psychology at Citrus College for 34 years. He also completed a law degree and had a law practice for eighteen years in Glendora, CA.

APU has always been a family and always will be to the Newells. Many of their closest friends today attended APU and still love to reminisce about their college experiences. Their daughter, Wendy, also carried on the tradition and received her BSN in nursing from APU and married an APU graduate. And they have high hopes that their two grandchildren will attend their alma mater.

Jerry and Gloria are still very involved in the activities and functions of APU and in Glenkirk Presbyterian Church of Glendora. In his spare time Jerry enjoys golfing and woodworking while Gloria loves to read. They love walking together and spending time with their grandchildren.

The Newells describe the growth and development of Azusa Pacific University as nothing short of miraculous. “It is clear that God’s hand is on the university.”

“APU, with its emphasis on Christian education, is making a difference. The university is stressing the value of a world view to its students. We’re so impressed that the students are encouraged to be involved in the world with a Christian perspective; they are truly bringing Jesus to the world.”

The Newells have included APU in their estate plan, and receive great joy in giving generously each year to the university’s general fund. Recently, Gloria received a small inheritance from her mother and looks forward to making a gift in her mother’s name to the university’s Fine Arts program that her mother enjoyed so much.

Gloria and Jerry are not only goodwill ambassadors for APU but for the Kingdom of God. Their lives reflect the joy of giving, and they honor God first with their generosity.