LP Leung

LP Leung

Corporate giants like ENRON, AIG, Global Crossing, and Qwest. But these organizations are only as good (or bad) as their leaders - a point that drove LP Leung to make a bold move for change.

As a 30-year certified public accountant (CPA), Leung became frustrated with the scandals associated with his vocation. Believing the right educational foundation can make all the difference, he decided to approach the business fraud epidemic from a different angle: inundate the industry with accountants specially trained in ethical practice. He turned to Azusa Pacific University to partner with him.

In March, 2009, God honored the desire of Leung and his wife, Bobbi, to make a significant impact at APU. Through their generosity and God's provision, they made a donation of nearly $1.1 million of appreciated stock to fund the first Endowed Chair for Ethics in Auditing and Accounting in APU's School of Business and Management. The L.P. and Bobbi Leung Endowed Chair gives the School of Business and management the opportunity to hire a faculty of excellence, one who will enhance the academics in the field of accounting and auditing. "I am grateful to the Leung family for their generous gift", said Ilene Bezjian, DBA, dean of the School of Business and Management. "It will encourage our faculty to strive for higher levels of academic excellence."

"I hope this chair will be instrumental in a making APU's accounting and auditing programs known for excellence in developing capable professionals for employment in CPA firms and corporate business," said Leung. "But more important, I want the programs to prepare future accountants who can stand for their convictions and conduct business honestly, so that accountants will, once again, be seen as trustworthy. I believe APU is the right place for this kind of training."

Leung knows about the impact of an APU education firsthand. After graduating high school in Hong Kong in 1957, a small school in Southern California (then called Azusa College) welcomed him on a work-study program, a miracle in itself during that time in history when the Immigration Act allowed for a very limited number of Chinese immigrants per year. His sister, Mei Lin, was already a student at Azusa College and encouraged her brother to seize the opportunity. "My time at APU helped me ease into the American culture and education system," said Leung. "I started classes immediately and worked in the kitchen everyday. President and Mrs. Haggard and my professors, Mr. Logsden and Dr. Robertson, knew me by name and always checked in on me. They gave me more than an academic education, they gave me confidence in myself and helped me to realize that I could compete and succeed. Their kindness left a big imprint on my life."

Though Leung finished his education at the University of Southern California, his loyalty remains with APU, a place he believes has the potential to become a center for ethical business education. "My gift to APU first and foremost represents a tribute to my sister Mei Lin, who loved and supported APU for many years, and my father, who also audited some Azusa classes in 1956," he said. "Beyond that, I hope this endowment will inspire others to support and envision APU as I do, the nation's leading academic institution training honest and ethical professionals to serve the business community."

Mei Lin went home to the Lord in June, 2009. During her time on Earth, she dedicated her life and career to educating young students and helping them reach their highest potential. Though she will be greatly missed, the entire APU community rejoices in her life of service and is grateful to have joined her in the celebration of L.P. and Bobbi's generous investment into the Lord's work at APU.

Charitable Giving with Stock

Almost everyone has an investment or two that has grown through the years. You may be reluctant to sell your stock because of the capital gains that would then be due. By transferring it to us, as L/P. did, you receive an income tax deduction, pay no capital gains tax, and your investment goes to work for our mission. Please call us to learn how we can help you make more form your stock and the mission of Azusa Pacific University. Give us a call at 626-815-5069. We will be happy to assist you.