Giving: An Act of Love

Giving: An Act of Love

An Interview with Chuck and Thelma Wyant

1. What motivated you to give to APU?

We give to the University for many reasons. We are longtime friends of Azusa Pacific University and we trust the administration and people. Serving on the Board of Trustees for 26 years provided an inside view of APU consistently putting God First. We also consider ourselves stewards of God?s riches, and believe that He is blessing APU, and is pleased for us to support the university.

2. Describe your overall experience with the APU planned giving staff.

Throughout the years, we've known many on campus, from presidents to professors and the planned giving staff members who have advised us on our giving to the university. They have been examples of competent Christian servants and trustworthy helpers.

3. What is the benefit you receive from the gift you've made?

We gave a piece of appreciated real estate to APU through a Charitable Remainder Trust. This gift provides us with lifetime income, gave us substantial tax benefits, and contributes toward the university's God First mission.

4. Why would you encourage other to give this type of gift?

All Christians should learn that you cannot out give God. There's a blessing in doing what you believe pleases God. All Christians are commanded to love and a one-word definition of love is 'giving.' Thelma and I believe in supporting evangelism in many forms, and we give to APU confident that the University's work and ministry helps fulfill the Great Commission.

Like Chuck and Thelma, you can receive income in exchange for your generous gift of appreciated assets. A Charitable Remainder Trust allows you to increase your retirement income, avoid capital gains taxes and receive significant tax deductions. Your gift can make a great impact on APU?s future Christian leaders with scholarships, faculty research, building projects, or projects in which you have a special interest.

Take a moment to consider this wonderful way to give-and receive.