Interview with Don Grant

Interview with Don Grant

1. How did you become involved at APU ?

Our first involvement at APU was as students at Pacific Bible College. Just before my junior year, J. Arthur Rains said to me, "After you graduate I would like you to get your Master's degree and come back and teach music for us." I joined the faculty on a part-time basis in 1956 and full-time in 1958. I later went into administration and became the Academic Vice President, which explains the title-"Vice President Emeritus." After Pauline graduated she became an elementary school teacher and earned APU faculty status as she began mentoring student teachers in 1993.

2. What GOD FIRST examples have you observed at Azusa Pacific University ?

I have seen many, many wonderful examples of GOD FIRST. It began with Cornelius P. Haggard, President and continued with Jack Rains and other faculty. I have seen GOD FIRST examples carried on by many faculty and staff across the years including our current president Jon Wallace. When we attended the President's Circle event, I heard some wonderful current day stories which continue to prove that GOD FIRST is not just a motto but a fact.

3. Have your trusts been good for you ?

For us, our Charitable Trusts have proven to be an excellent investment. This is true not only financially, but it has been a means of donating property which had appreciated greatly. It has also been a vehicle allowing us to give to God and to give back to APU which has had a wonderful influence upon our lives.

5. What would you say to others who are considering a trust for APU ?

To anyone considering a Charitable or Living Trust we want to tell them that the APU staff is very well qualified to help you analyze your status, answer your questions, and show you the benefits of such Trusts. They serve with a willing spirit and do not pressure you in any way as you make your decision.